Snow Kitten 2-in-1 Womens Mesh Tank Top

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As white as the snow and as brilliant a design as any shirt could feature, the design of this Snow Kitten 2-in-1 Womens Mesh Tank Top, as well as its gothic style, are what really make this garment a truly great addition to any ladies ensemble. Unique is a good world to describe the style of his gothic garment, just as beautiful is an equally good descriptor. Emblazoned across the core of the shirt is a colorful and vibrant image that depicts an innocent looking cat, as white as the freshly fallen snow, as it sits on a windowsill. The cats attention is focused up on a gleaming spider web that suspends a glowing white angel feather. The cats paw lifts up, as though to play in the strands of the web. This tank top is quite versatile, and being made from cotton and mesh, is also extremely comfortable to wear, too. The top is available in four sizes. With its great design and its versatile fit and form, this Snow Kitten 2-in-1 Womens Mesh Tank Top makes for a delightful and attractive garment to wear on any occasion, whether you are looking for a somewhat formal or a comfortably casual style.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Decorated with an Impressive Gothic Design
  • A Stylish and Unique Garment
  • A Great Garment for Casual Wear
  • Available in Several Sizes
  • Perfect for Personal Wear or Gifting


  • Small: Fits a 30 Inch Chest and a 26 Inch Waist
  • Medium: Fits a 32 Inch Chest and a 28 Inch Waist
  • Large: Fits a 34 Inch Chest and a 30 Inch Waist
  • X-Large: Fits a 36 Inch Chest and a 34 Inch Waist


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