Small Embossed Leather Pentacle Journal with Lock


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The mystic seal of the five point star makes this book look like it might have come from a wizards library. Couple that with its fine make and old look, and that makes this Small Embossed Leather Pentacle Journal with Lock a great all-around notebook. In reality, this book is completely different from other notebooks, thanks in large part to its fine degree of construction. The book is hand crafted and features an embossed leather cover, which depicts Celtic knot designs along its upper and lower edge, while the center features a circle inscribed with a five-point star. The interior of the notebook is every bit as appealing as the exterior, as it is filled with 120 pages of high quality linen parchment paper, with every sheet left blank for you to use as you see fit. The exterior of the book features a locking mechanism, which holds the book closed when it is not in use. All in all, you could not ask for a better notebook than this Small Embossed Leather Pentacle Journal with Lock, if only because its qualities allow it to serve as a distinctive tome for use in any field, whether you are taking notes in class, jotting down quick stories on your own, making sketches in your free time, or recording your rituals and spells!

Key Features:

  • Features an Attractive Leather Embossed Cover
  • Adorned with Celtic Knot Designs and a Pentacle
  • Hand Crafted in Construction
  • Includes 120 Pages of Quality Linen Parchment Paper
  • Possesses a Swivel Lock for Keeping the Book Closed


  • Height: 7 Inches
  • Width: 5 Inches


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