Slithering Reticulated Python

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With a snake like this Slithering Reticulated Python, a venomous bite should be the least of your worries. Instead, this massive snake should be respected for its size as well as the impressive level of force it can generate when it squeezes is prey. This snake is modeled after the same-named constrictor and features a comparable size to a younger member of the species. It possesses brown and yellowish coloration in its scales, with its main body featuring mainly faded yellow scales, as well as a decorated pattern of brown spots with black rings. Its head, in comparison, has darker brown scales with a many-ringed ovoid shape on its head. Its pink forked tongue is extended, as if scenting the air, while its eyes are focused forward, in search of appropriate prey. Its body forms a gently zigzag curve, as though it was just moving a moment ago and has now stopped and is holding perfectly still. This snake is made from foam filled latex, which serves to make it bendable and pliable, as well as moderately durable. This impressive snake is something to be feared and respected, making the Slithering Reticulated Python just the serpent to use when you are looking to inspire a spine-tingling sense of terror and awe in all those who view it.

Key Features:

  • Modeled after Large Constrictor Snake
  • An Impressively Realistic Appearance
  • Rather Mean and Hungry Looking
  • Made from Foam Filled Latex
  • Great Horror Decoration or Prop


  • Length: 72 Inches


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