Slashed Wrists EZ FX Kit


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Here is an injury that would be all too common during a zombie apocalypse. The Slashed Wrists EX FX Kit will allow you to create a pair of cuts that look incredibly realistic, whether they are situated on your wrists or elsewhere on your body. This kit includes virtually everything you will need to apply this prosthetics and make them look like fresh, bloody injuries. The actual prosthetics are made out of high quality latex and depict a pair of deep gashes that are sized to be about as long as the average wrist is wide. Also included with the kit is an ampule of FX blood, which helps to create a fresh, bloody look after having applied the wound. Finally, an ampule of spirit gum is also included, for affixing the wounds to your skin and ensuring that they stay perfectly in place. Of course, the Slashed Wrists EX FX Kit could be used with a survivor, but it looks just as great on a zombie, too.

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Key Features:

  • Includes 2 Prosthetic, FX Blood, and Spirit Gum
  • Prosthetics are Made Entirely of High Quality Latex
  • Prosthetics Depicts A Matched Pair of Small Gashes
  • Simple and Easy to Apply
  • Spirit Gum Holds Prosthetic in Place
  • A Great Addition to Zombie Looks and Living Costumes
  • Perfect for Zombie Outbreaks, Zombie Walks, Undead Gatherings, and More


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