Skull Pommel Sai Set


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Displaying a grinning chrome skull with red eyes, the Skull Pommel Sai Set includes two sai with round handles wrapped in gold trimmed black cloth. Displaying a chromed steel finish, each sai features an octagonal steel baton. Traditionally used in Okinawan martial arts, the sai has reached some popularity from its use by comic book, television, and movie characters. The prong shaped baton is framed on either side by curved and twisted prongs that project from the handle. In the center of each Art Nouveau handle is a red jeweled accent, adding an elegant touch to these imposing weapons. These martial arts weapons are used primarily for striking with short jabs but also have many defensive techniques. The Skull Pommel Sai Set makes a fantastic addition to any martial arts collection.

Key Features:

  • Art Nouveau styled sai set
  • Traditional martial arts weapon
  • Skull shaped pommel
  • Sold as a pair


  • Made from chromed steel


  • Overall Length: 22 Inches


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