Skull Guardian Dragon Clock


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What better to watch over and protect the corpses of legendary warriors and kings than a menacing, flame-breathing winged dragon? The Skull Guardian Dragon Clock will give your decor the sinister style you have been looking for. A functional analog clock, this piece feature a red and green scaled dragon with spiked scales and long, sharp claws. Out of its mouth erupts a glowing flame made even more ghastly by its slithering green tongue. Next to the dragon is a pile of helmeted skulls with a sword sticking out of the top, showing the nobility of these corpses even after death. Around the edge of the clock are white numbers, while two gray hands secured in the middle of the clock tick to show you the time. Instantly enhance the fantastical style of any room in your house simply by hanging the Skull Guardian Dragon Clock!

Key Features:

  • Fully functional analog clock
  • Depicts a fire breathing dragon protecting a pile of skulls
  • Bright, fantastical design will look great in your home
  • Great for personal display or for gifting


  • Made from wood


  • Diameter: 13.25 Inches


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