Skull and Crossbones Bracelet


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The Skull and Crossbones Bracelet is an attractive cuff bracelet that is perfectly styled for any pirate. This accessory features several skull and crossbones as decoration, as well as several smaller skulls for accents. The center of the cuff bracelet features a skull and crossbones surrounded by a border studded with smaller skulls. Outside the border, skull and crossbones designs run along the length of the cuff bracelet to its edges. This bracelet is made from a lead free metal alloy, which gives the bracelet an attractive silver-metal finish. It is one size fits all and is capable of slight adjustments, although please be aware that too much bending can fracture the metal. With its decidedly pirate style and look, the Skull and Crossbones Bracelet would look fantastic decorating the arm of any pirates you might know, making it a fantastic gift to give.

Key Features:

  • Available in one adjustable size
  • Suitable for everyday wear
  • Displays intricate detailing
  • Fantastic personal accessory or gift idea


  • Made from lead free alloy


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