Skinned Hand


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Slip this grisly hand up your sleeve and offer it up any time you greet someone on Halloween to give them a start they will not soon forget! This Skinned Hand looks like it has been through a torture chamber and has come out looking worse for the wear. In fact, this grisly hand looks like it has been stripped of virtually all of its skin, leaving only striated muscle visible. Gruesome and gory, this red-tinged hand is covered in linear ridges that show off muscle and veins, while also featuring a rather thin shape. The hands fingernails yet remain, although they are dug deep into the tissue, creating misshapen and crooked nails that only add to this hands monstrous appearance. The hand was rather neatly severed at the wrist as well, featuring a ragged yet even cut with broken bones sticking out of the stump. This hand is made from PVC plastic and measures approximately 10 inches long. Chain one of these up in your kitchen this Halloween and you can start calling the room your torture chamber. Or you could use this Skinned Hand for a variety of other uses, for either a novel laugh or a friendly scare, or for something so much more terrifying. It is up to you.

Key Features:

  • A Gruesome and Gory Skinned Hand
  • A Rather Detailed Appearance
  • Made from PVC Plastic
  • Features a Lifelike Size
  • Great for Horror Themed Events, Zombie Outbreaks, and Halloween


  • Length: 10 Inches


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