Simple Medieval Dress


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Today is the day you visit the market, so you are going to want to dress comfortably! Thankfully, you own a Simple Medieval Dress, which is easy to put on and sits loosely on your body, allowing airflow and freedom of movement. This comfortable medieval gown is made from heavy cotton and has been designed to sit loosely on your body, ensuring your comfort at all times of the day in any season. The V-shaped neckline and wrists of this beautiful dress are embroidered with contrasting, broad stitches, while the bottom hem is trimmed with a fabric of a complementary color. The perfect beginning to any medieval costume, this dress can be belted around the waist and worn as everyday clothing or worn under other pieces as a base. Have a character in mind for cosplay or a Ren Fair? This is a great place to start!

Key Features:

  • Comfortable medieval dress sits loosely on the body
  • Thick cotton blend keeps you warm on cool days or nights
  • Can be worn under other pieces or with a belt
  • Perfect for cosplay, Ren Fairs, and reenactments


  • Made from heavy cotton

Chest Waist (Untied) Overall Length Sleeve Length
Small 37.8 inches 37.8 inches 52.76 inches 22.05 inches
Medium 41.73 inches 41.73 inches 55.9 inches 22.83 inches
Large 45.67 inches 45.67 inches 57.5 inches 22.83 inches
X-Large 50.39 inches 50.39 inches 58.66 inches 23.62 inches


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