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It is hard to beat a pair of Simple Bracers. The classic and non-descript appearance makes these bracers surprisingly versatile for a number of styles, which allows them to be used to complement almost any costume or look. And better yet, these bracers are novel accessories to wear to accent your appearance. Made from 9-10 oz. Vegetable Tanned Leather, these bracers are also functional pieces of armor that can be worn to LARP events or mock battles, where they will provide a good bit of defense to your forearms and hands. As their name implies, these bracers have a simple style, featuring a doubled-up design, in which a piece of leather has been riveted atop another, creating a layered look that is as effective as it is appealing. The bracers are available in one size, and, because they are worn using laces and ties, they are also quite adjustable and can be made to fit many different arm sizes. The bracers are also available in two different colors, black or brown. Quality is the keyword when it comes to these bracers, not quantity. As in, they may lack a quantity of decorations, but the quality of the Simple Bracers ensures that they look great with virtually any and every look you can think of, making them a reliable and ultimately, a universal accessory.

Key Features:

  • Made from 9-10 oz. Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Handcrafted for Superior Quality and Detail
  • A Pair of Quality, Versatile Bracers
  • Secures Onto the Arms Via Laces and Ties
  • A Perfect Pair of Bracers Fit for Virtually Any Style of Costume
  • Fantastic for Use in LARP Events, Renaissance Fairs, Stage Productions, and More


  • Available In One Adjustable Size

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One Size


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