Silver Steampunk Gear Earrings

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These dangling Steampunk earrings are just the touch of pseudo-industrial style that could benefit a Steampunk costume! Featuring gears, bolts, and chains, the Silver Steampunk Gear Earrings are machined elegance at its finest. Starting at the top, these earrings consist of a curved hook of ear wire that is designed to go through pierced ears, so that these earrings can be worn. A small circular loop attaches a large-toothed gear to the top. Attached to this large-toothed gear is a worn, smooth washer, as well as a smaller, large toothed gear made from polished metal. A pair of links connects a polished bolt to the washer, and three more connected links secure the worn silver bottom gear to the earring. These attractive earrings are made from silver-colored metal, some polished and some worn and burnished. The earrings also require pierced ears to wear. Looking as though they were made from the parts of a disassembled machine, the Silver Steampunk Gear Earrings are a great accessory that features a heavy dose of Steampunk style. Wear them with your Steampunk costumes, both elegant and casual, for added effect, or wear them throughout your day-to-day to keep Steampunk alive in your everyday routine!

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Key Features:

  • Attractive Steampunk Styled Earrings
  • Finished in a Luxurious Silver Color
  • Gears, Washers, and Bolts Resemble Actual Machine Parts
  • Perfectly Combines Elegance and Industrial Style
  • A Perfect Accessory for Any Steampunk Look
  • Can be Worn with Everyday Styles


  • Crafted from a lead-free metal alloy


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