Silver Seated Moon Goddess Pendant


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Inspired by the Priestess of the Tarot, the moon goddess is often viewed as a provider of magic and protection, as well as a nurturer. In this Silver Seated Moon Goddess Pendant, she is a regal woman who looks down from the face of the crescent moon. This impressive pendant depicts, with every detail, the figure of the moon goddess. Matronly and benign, this figure sits easily atop the curve of a horned crescent moon, her hands folded in her lap as if eager to watch the world below. Sparse Celtic knots adorn her person, while even more Celtic twists and curls decorate the moon on which she sits. The pendant is crafted entirely in fine sterling silver, which provides it with a metallic gleam that is quite lovely to see. It is offered as a pendant only, and as such, can be worn using any chain or necklace you might already possess. A goddess may move mortals, just as the moon may move oceans, and this Silver Seated Moon Goddess Pendant is a remarkable symbol to remind all of the possible moon goddess who watches from the starry night sky.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Depicts a Gentle Woman, Seated Atop the Curve of a Crescent Horned Moon
  • Decorated with Elegant Celtic Lines and Curls
  • Crafted Entirely from Polished .925 Solid Sterling Silver
  • Offered as the Pendant Only
  • A Stunning Personal Accent and a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Height: 1.75 Inches
  • Width: 1 Inch


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