Silver Plated Tudor Twisted Bracelet


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Almost timeless in its style, one could almost picture even a queen like Queen Elizabeth I wearing a piece of jewelry like this Silver Plated Tudor Twist Bracelet. If nothing else, it would make a fine accent piece to her other, grander accessories. This bracelet comes attached to an informational card that features a portrait of Elizabeth I on the front, as well as her brief biography on the back, detailing a few of the accomplishments she achieved during her life as queen. The bracelet itself is simple in style, consisting of a twisted bar of metal that has been entwined with a delicate second twist, adding a second, glimmering layer to an already-impressive accessory. The bracelet ends in two spherical knobs, which help to support the bracelet when worn. The bracelet is made from lead-free pewter and attractively plated in silver to give the bracelet a noble, elegant look. You could almost say that this Silver Plated Tudor Twisted Bracelet is something of a timeless design, one that would look great on historical costumes and with modern apparel, making it a great personal accessory as well as a great gift to give.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Decoratively Plated in Silver
  • A Perfect Accent to Any Outfit
  • Can Be Worn with Special or Everyday Attire
  • A Great Gift or Personal Item
  • Comes with Historical Information
  • Available in One Size (Adjustable)


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