Silver Ostara Earrings

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These Silver Ostara Earrings are a single pair of identical wedges, taken from the Gaelic wheel calendar. These particular earrings are devoted to their namesake, Ostara, which was a Gaelic festival that marked a specific time in the yearly cycle. Ostara was celebrated after Imbolg, and celebrated the triumph of day over night, as well as the return of life to the world. The pendant is crafted entirely in fine sterling silver, and it comes complete with curved ear wire hooks for wearing. The wedge depicts newly bloomed floral buds, as well as the seasonal symbol for spring. The word Ostara is engraved along the top of the earring. For those women who want to keep some Gaelic and Celtic tradition alive in their life, these Silver Ostara Earrings are a great accent to own and enjoy, especially during the season to which it is matched!

This item cannot be returned or exchanged once removed from its original packing.

Key Features:

  • An Original Design by Sculptor Paul Borda
  • Inspired by the Yearly Celebration of Ostara
  • Crafted Entirely from Polished .925 Solid Sterling Silver
  • Earrings are Single-Sided
  • Sold as a Matched Pair, with Curved Ear Wire Hooks
  • A Stunning Personal Accent and a Fantastic Gift Idea


  • Height: 7/8ths an Inch
  • Width: 3/4ths an Inch


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