Silver Kukri Machete


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With a design that is more sleek and streamlined than its predecessor, this Silver Kukri Machete comes off more as a small sword, although it lacks none of the effectiveness that made the original kukri one of the best knives to use for cutting. The slim blade of this machete helps to keep its weight down, while the general kukri-like shape of the blade ensures that its forward-swept design always delivers on great cutting strength. The swell of the blade puts more weight behind every swing, while the tapered tip means that this machete can spear, skewer, and tab with ease, too. The stain finished steel blade lends the machete a traditional look, one that fits well into all manner of uses and looks. The machete is full-tang and features a synthetic grip, with a small lanyard hole at the base. Included with the machete is a black sheath, which makes securing, storing, and transporting the machete quick and easy. If you need something light and efficient, you could not ask for a better blade than this Silver Kukri Machete, as it delivers impressive cutting power in a small and easily handled design.

Key Features:

  • A Slim-line Take on the Classic Kukri Design
  • Satin Finished Steel Blade Offers a Traditional Look
  • Forward Swept Edge and Point Ensure Both Cutting and Thrusting Ability
  • Synthetic Handle Offers a Secure and Effective Grip
  • Also Features a Hole for Tying a Lanyard
  • Includes a Matching Black Sheath


  • Overall Length: 19 Inches


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