Silver Eagle Claw Dagger Set


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Mimicking the power and prestige of a great eagle, this dagger possesses a distinctive and lethal look that befits such a grand birds regal poise and formidable prowess. And best of all, you get two when you get this Silver Eagle Claw Dagger Set. These daggers are twinned from one another, meaning that they are virtually exactly alike, differing only in size. Each dagger possesses a wicked and distinctive looking blade that features a strong curve and an effective point, as well as cutouts that give the blade is unique shape. The hilt is simple in shape yet grand in detail, being all cast metal and depicting, as its pommel, a wicked looking eagle head that sits with its beak open in a fearsome shriek. The daggers include a black leather sheath for keeping the blades safe, secure, and stored together. The larger fantasy dagger measures approximately 6.25 inches long, while the shorter dagger measures 4.25 inches long. Belt this pair of daggers at your side for all to see, and when you are not showing them off as personal weapons, you can set this Silver Eagle Claw Dagger Set up in your home so that all can admire their great fantasy look.

Key Features:

  • Blade is Constructed with Stainless Steel
  • Features a Decorative Cast-Metal Eagle Head Pommel
  • Comes as a Matched Pair of Identical, Differently Sized Daggers
  • Includes a Black Leather Sheath
  • A Fantastic Costume Weapon or Fantasy Decoration
  • Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea


  • Overall Dagger Length (Shorter): 4.25 Inches
  • Overall Dagger Length (Longer): 6.25 Inches


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