Silver Dragon Fantasy Axe

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Combining the legendary dragon with the form of a medieval weapon is one thing, but adding in modern graphics and art changes the mix entirely. However, the end result of such a union is always impressive, just like this Silver Dragon Fantasy Axe. It is hard to tell what is more impressive about this weapon – its amazingly styled haft, which features stunning detailing from end to end, or the laser-etched steel blade. The haft of this axe depicts a decidedly draconic detailing in steel grey, as the tip of the handle features a curled dragon tail, while the haft takes the shape of a scaled dragon neck, which ends in a roaring dragon head. The steel blade extends out of the dragons mouth and is adorned with a laser-etched design that depicts a grey dragon as it breathes forth a ray of crimson flames. The axe measures approximately 14.5 inches long, while the blade itself measures only 6 inches long. Included with the axe is a wooden display stand, which is a perfect place to keep the axe when you are not holding it and showing it off at fairs or other events. Its shape makes it look like a fantastic, albeit a highly stylized weapon, although it would be a shame to ruin such a pretty piece as this Silver Dragon Fantasy Axe in something as brutal as battle. Better to wield this as an honorary weapon and leave battle to the less decorative pieces.

Key Features:

  • An Impressive Dragon Fantasy Axe
  • Features A Laser-Etched Blade with Impressive Dragon Graphics
  • Possesses A Steel Grey Dragon-Detailed Grip and Haft
  • Includes a Wooden Display Stand
  • A Fantastic Costume Weapon or Fantasy Decoration
  • Superb As a Collectible or a Gift Idea


  • Blade Length: 6 Inches
  • Overall Length: 14.5 Inches


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