Silver Double Spiral Earrings


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A little swirl of detail is sometimes just what you need to take a great look and make it better. And that is literally what these Silver Double Spiral Earrings are, a flair of detail and gleaming precious metal that you can wear to accent your look! These attractive earrings are hand crafted from fine metals, and plated in silver to ensure their appealing gleam and glimmer. They are sold as a matching set, and each earring is virtually identical to its twin, as both earrings depict a double spiral design, rendered into an S-shape. Attached at the top of the earring is a small loop, to which is attached a stainless steel ear wire hook, for easy and convenient wearing. They are a little dangly, and thus, a little showy, but if you are looking to show off your appearance, then you could not ask for a better pair of accents then these Silver Double Spiral Earrings to have at your sides.

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Key Features:

  • Hand Crafted from Quality Metals and Materials
  • Sold as a Pair of Matched Artisan Earrings
  • Plated with Silver and Shaped Into Double Spirals
  • Worn Via the Included Ear Hook Wires
  • A Stunning Little Personal Accent or a Great Gift Idea


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