Silver Cybersteam Goggles


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What once was mere fantasy is now a reality! In these Silver Cyberstream Goggles, you will look ready to surf even cyberspace, while ensuring that your eyes are fully protected and perfectly styled in an impressive technological way. Wearing these goggles, you will be perfectly equipped to handle a variety of technological problems in both a modern and a Steampunk world, ranging from work on steam engines to piloting a futuristic biplane. These goggles consist of metallic silver plastic frames that feature stylized caps adorned with bolts and bits. The sides of the goggles feature subtle little square ridges. Green tinted lenses shield your eyes and protect them from both sun and wind. Black faux leather pads the rims of the goggles, ensuring a comfortable fit, while a black elastic band secures the goggles to the head, ensuring adjustability. Whether you are sailing the skies or physically surfing the streams of cyberspace, you are sure to look perfectly adorned as long as you are wearing your Silver Cyberstream Goggles.

Key Features:

  • Futuristic and Cyber Styled Goggles
  • Features Impressive Gear and Bolt Designs
  • Green Tinted Lenses Protect Eyes From Light, Dust, and Wind
  • Faux Leather Padding and Adjustable Strap Ensure a Comfortable Fit
  • Looks Great with a Variety of Steampunk Styled Ensembles


  • Made of plastic with elastic details
  • Lined with foam-padded vinyl


  • One Size Fits Most


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