Silver Alydar Walking Cane


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Fans of horse racing should instantly be drawn to this cane, which not only depicts the fine image of a thoroughbred racehorse, but also one of the most famous. This Silver Alydar Walking Cane even bears the horses name to further reinforce the link. In his day, Alydar was a champion racehorse, as well as a horse that was once described as the best horse in the history of thoroughbred racing to have never won a championship. And like its namesake, this cane is a truly great piece, featuring not only a plated silver grip that depicts the horse itself, but also a rich hardwood shaft that is as attractive as it is strong, ensuring that this walking stick is both a beauty to look at and an accessory that is strong enough to use. It measures approximately 36 inches long. It is the perfect gift and accent to give to any fan of thoroughbred racing who might have need of a good, solid walking stick. So pick up a Silver Alydar Walking Cane today, either to gift or to keep, and marvel at both its handsome look and the solid level of support it offers.

Key Features:

  • Made from Fine, High Quality Materials
  • Features a Rich, Solid, and Sturdy Hardwood Shaft
  • Decorated with a Silver Plated Thoroughbred Horse Handle
  • Provides Excellent Support
  • Great for Use on Walks or as an Accent Piece in Your Costume


  • Length: 36 Inches


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