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Many a warrior has experienced terror on the battlefield when faced with an axe, and for good reason, as it is, indeed, a weapon to be feared. This Short Medieval Battle Axe recreates that ancient weapon of terror so that collectors can enjoy it today. This brutal-looking battle axe is a recreation of the iconic medieval weapon, featuring a bit of carbon steel that is adorned with a trio of small ring cut-outs. The edge is wickedly curved to look like it could cleave limbs with ease. The axe bit is further stylized with flared out cut-outs along its back edge. A scythe-like spike poll appears reverse of the blade, historically intended to be brought around in a back swing to hook foes or penetrate armour. The axe head is mounted onto a wooden haft and reinforced with langets. Its shorter length makes this a solid weapon to wield in one hand. This is one Short Medieval Battle Axe that certainly looks capable of beating opponents with ease, and that level of realism makes it a fine addition to any arms collectors or history enthusiast who might feel like their decor is missing that brutal touch of medieval mayhem from an era since passed.

Key Features:

  • Completely decorative
  • Curved blade has spiked back cut-outs
  • Langets reinforce the bit to the handle
  • Perfect length for one-handed wielding
  • Great for costume use, carrying, collecting, or display


  • Blade is made of carbon steel
  • Handle is made of wood


  • Overall Length: 32.5 Inches


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