Short Laced Gothic Glovettes

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It is the small things that sometimes have the biggest impact on your attire and your appearance. These Short Laced Gothic Glovettes are a variation on our larger pair, featuring a reduced size to suit the lady who prefers them smaller. Made entirely from fine black lace, these glovettes are not fully gloves, in that they do not cover the whole hand. Instead, they cover the wrist, the back of the hand, and a small part of the forearm, wrapping the skin in fine black lace, while leaving the fingers free to move and open to the air. The back of the glovettes are laced up with colored ribbon to add a secondary note of color to the accessories style. The best part about these Short Laced Gothic Glovettes is that they pair perfectly with just about any style there is, allowing you to wear them whenever you want. Pair them up with steampunk and gothic looks for that classic touch of style. Wear them with contemporary styles and casual looks for that ladylike touch of class and elegance. Add them to your formal wear, and be amazed at how much detail so fine an accessory can add. And those are just a few of the possibilities.

Key Features:

  • A Classic And Versatile Ladys Accessory
  • Made From Polyester Lace
  • Covers the Wrist and the Base of the Hand
  • Adorned with a Colored Ribbon Lacing
  • Looks Great with Historic, Gothic, Steampunk and Modern Styles


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