Set Of 4 Roman Warriors

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This Set of 4 Roman Figures contains four of the most prominent military figures that were found during the Roman era. All four figures are contained in one full-colored box, the back of which features interesting facts about the Romans in Britain. The four figures contained within are the fearsome gladiator, the highly ranked praetorian, the typical legionary, and the standard-bearing ensign. Each figure is made entirely from lead-free pewter and has been crafted with utmost care possible, ensuring that every figurine is impressively detailed. Each figurine also measures approximately 4 centimeters tall. If you are looking to acquire the whole set of Roman warriors, either for yourself or to give to another, than this Set of 4 Roman Warriors is just the item you want.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Impressively Detailed Appearance
  • Includes 4 Distinct Figures
  • A Great Gift or Personal Decoration
  • Comes with Historical Information


  • Height: 1.6 Inches


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