Set of 10 Silver Mystic Coins


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Browsing the market, you find the necessary gear for your potions and spells. You pay for them with the Set of 10 Silver Mystic Coins. Made from Zamac, these handmade round coins come as a set of ten. On one side, a curved knotwork pattern overlays a six-pointed star.

On the other side of the fantasy coin is another six-pointed star. There are runes in small circles at three of the stars points. A larger rune in a circle sits in the very center of the silver-colored coin.

The Set of 10 Silver Mystic Coins makes a great addition to your fantasy costume as well as tabletop games. Being made of a zinc alloy, they have a realistic weight and feel to them, making them perfect for a variety of other needs as well.

Please note that this item is handmade. Therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Sold as a set of 10 silver-colored coins
  • Features runes and knotwork design
  • Realistic feel
  • Great for a variety of uses
  • Ideal for tabletop games and LARPing


  • Made from Zamac, a zinc alloy


  • Diameter: 1.1 Inches
  • Thickness: 0.07 Inch

Measurements are approximate.


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