Sea Serpent Anchor Necklace


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It its quite hard to raise anchor and set sail on the high seas when there is a massive dragon curled around your anchor. To give you a sense of this struggle, the Sea Serpent Anchor Necklace depicts that exact scene in miniature form! This hardy necklace is made from a lead free alloy and bears the image of a winged sea serpent coiled around a classically shaped anchor. The silver colored chain that it comes on is adjustable, allowing you to wear this necklace at any height you wish! Accent your wardrobe with this distinctive, dragon themed piece of jewelry, give it as a gift to a dragon lover you know, or add it to your collection of unique pendants!

Key Features:

  • Depicts a winged sea serpent wrapped around an anchor
  • Comes on an adjustable chain
  • An excellent addition to any wardrobe or collection
  • Makes a great gift idea
  • Perfect for casual wear


  • Made of Lead Free Alloy


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