Sea Hag 2 Mask

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You will want to make sure not to run into this witch while you are out on the high seas or you may find yourself under her spell. The Sea Hag 2 mask is perfect for recreating the look of any swamp hag or creepy witch costume. This mask features pale green skin and the crazed look of a sorceress anxious to get her hands on her next victim. With her bulging bloodshot eye, oversized hook nose, missing teeth, warts dotting her chin, and hooded head, this sea hag is a great representation of a creepy witch. The mask is designed to cover the neck and head while wearing and makes a great option for those looking to portray an evil hag. You would be hard pressed to find a better Halloween witch costume accessory.

Key Features:

  • Mask shows incredible level of detail
  • Inspired by the style of witches and hags
  • Has a single bulging eye, warts, and a hooked nose
  • The ultimate scary witch costume
  • Covers the full head and neck when worn
  • Ideal for Halloween and costume parties


  • Made from Latex


  • One size fits most


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