Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask

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Sometimes, zombies can seem rather docile, especially when there is no human meat wandering around. This Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask, though, reveals how aggressive, feral, and wild a zombie can become when their favorite food approaches. This face mask is based entirely on the appearances of the zombies to be seen in the feature length film, World War Z. The zombie mask has a purplish decayed hue, sunken cheeks, and hollow eyes, to allow the wearer to easily see out. The mouth is opened wide, revealing rows of broad teeth in a screaming expression of wild hunger. This mask is handcrafted in fine latex material, and when worn, covers the front of the face only. This Screaming Zombie WWZ Face Mask offers a conventional advantage over traditional zombification, one that makes it inherently superior, by creating an appearance of total zombification on a completely temporary basis. Put it on and let your inner zombie roam free and then take it off, to become human again. That is a convenience that real zombies just do not have.

Key Features:

  • Licensed Mask Based on the Undead in the Film, World War Z
  • Creates the appearance of a Decayed yet Hungry Zombie
  • Covers Only the Front of the Face
  • Features Open Eye Sockets for Easy Seeing
  • Great Accessory for Zombie Walks, Halloween Parties, and More


  • Made from High-Quality Latex


  • One Size Fits Most Adults and Older Teens


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