Scottish Thistle Necklace

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According to a 13th century legend, this prickly flower cut short an ambush attempt by Norse invaders. Since then, it has become the proud emblem of Scotland. Celebrate its rich history and culture with the Scottish Thistle Necklace. This miniature replica is hand-cast from antiqued pewter and impressively detailed. It comes packaged on a full colored information card. The Royal Arms of Scotland symbol and a Royal Stewart tartan decorate the front of the card. Educational notes about the history and cultural heritage of Scotland display on the back.

Key Features:

  • Celebrates the cultural heritage of Scotland
  • Depicts the Scottish Thistle
  • Presented on a card with educational notes
  • Comes with a fine curb chain
  • Makes a great gift or personal accessory


  • Made from lead-free pewter
  • Metal chain plated with silver


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