Scottish Tartan Dress



Modeled after traditional Scottish attire, the Scottish Tartan Dress is a simple dress that is perfect for a highland lass or lady. This two-piece ensemble is available in a variety of different colors, and consists of an under-gown and an over-gown. The under-gown is entirely white, while the over-gown is made from high-quality tartan fabric, which is a blend of cotton and polyester. When worn together, the dress is a mix of the checkered pattern of the tartan accented by touches of white. The neckline is decorated by white ruffled trim, while the sleeves are mid-length and fitted to the arm with tartan bands. The skirt is almost-entirely checkered tartan, except for the triangular portion of the under-gown which is visible in the front. The different colors available are actually different tartan patterns, meaning the under-gown will remain white while the checkered pattern is what changes in color. The upper part of the Scottish Tartan Dress is fully-lined. The dress fastens using laces on the front of the over-gown, which allows for a measure of adjustability. Pictured here the dress is worn with a petticoat, which gives it shape, please note that a petticoat is not included with the dress. If the wide-bottomed look is desired with this dress, then a petticoat or hoop-skirt can be purchased separately. Otherwise the dress can be worn without either accessory without problem. And not only is the Scottish Tartan Dress an excellent dress that is modeled after traditional Scottish garb, but it is also a dress that carries a fair amount of medieval style. It goes great at Scottish, medieval, and renaissance-themed events.

Key Features:

  • Made from Quality Materials
  • Attractive Scottish-Themed Ensemble
  • Great for Scottish Events, Renaissance Fairs, and Medieval-Themed Weddings
  • Styled after Medieval-Era Clothing

This size chart is based on suggested body size, not the measurements of the actual garment.

Bust Waist Shoulder to Shoulder Overall Length Skirt Length Sleeve Length
Small 33-35 inches 26-28 inches 14 inches 56 inches 41 inches
Medium 36-38 inches 29-31 inches 16 inches 57.5 inches 42 inches NA
Large 39-41 inches 32-34 inches 17 inches 59 inches 43 inches NA
X-Large 42-44 inches 35-37 inches 18 inches 60 inches 44 inches NA
XX-Large 46-48 inches 39-41 inches 19 inches 61 inches 45 inches
XXX-Large 50-53 inches 44-46 inches 20.5 inches 62.5 inches 46 inches


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