Scottish Cross Templar Suit of Armor by Marto


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This amazing, full-sized Scottish Cross Templar Suit of Armor, by Marto, was inspired by the 15th century suits of armor that typically would have been worn by crusaders in the Holy Land. This piece features primarily Templar decorations. The great helm, breastplate, and gauntlets on this suit of armor all feature rich Templar decorations, and the suit is provided with a Templar investiture sword, a parade shield decorated by a Scottish Templar cross, and a white cloak with a red cross embroidered near the left shoulder. Featuring solid iron and steel construction, this suit of armor is an exceptional replica of historic armor at its finest, and is adaptably to almost any style of interior decor. The Scottish Cross Templar Suit of Armor, by Marto, is one of the best replica suits of armor available, with almost unequaled quality and authenticity, which makes this item not only valuable, but an impressive collectors item as well.

Key Features:

  • Includes Reinforced Wood Base
  • Fully Sized Replica Reproduction
  • Handcrafted Steel and Iron Construction
  • Metallic Old Patina Finish
  • Includes Sword, Parade Shield, and Cloak
  • Assembly Required


  • Total Assembled Height: 79 Inches
  • Total Weight: 97 Pounds


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