Scottish Claymore by Marto


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The Scottish Claymore, by Marto, is a replica of the typical weapon of the Highland Warriors during the late Middle Ages. Considered more a rough tool then a weapon, this sword is no-less deadly or effective when wielded properly. Feared not only for its size but for the wielders strength, the claymore has gone on to not only have its own reputation among the weapons of the world, but to also serve as a Scottish symbol of national pride. This replica is both ornate and devastatingly accurate. It is both beauty and beast, in that it has the right form and shape to do severe damage, but is too ornate to be a functional sword. The blade is double-edged, and etched with 24K gold decorations, while the guard is decorated with gold and silver plated cast-metal. The round pommel depicts a lion and a unicorn doing battle, and acts as beautiful topper for the long, narrow grip. Easily a reproduction without comparison, the Scottish Claymore, by Marto, is a definitive item for any collector to own.

Key Features:

  • AISI 440 Tempered Stainless Steel Blade
  • 24K Gold Etchings Along Double-Edged Blade
  • 24K Gold and Silver Plated Zamak Hilt
  • Wood Handgrip


  • Overall Length: 57 Inches


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