Scare O’ Lantern T-Shirt

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The Scare O Lantern T-Shirt begs the question, what exactly is a scare o lantern? Well, a Scare O Lantern is an amalgam of jack-o-lantern and scarecrow, mixed with a truly ghoulish Halloween spirit that exists to inspire terror in all passersby. The black fabric of this shirt blends nicely with the surroundings of this scare o lantern, creating a dark, almost black night environ that is perfect for this ghoulish creature to inflict fear upon all who witness it. Like a classic scarecrow, this figure wears ragged old blue jacket and worn, gray pants. Its limbs are filled with straw and nailed to a wooden cross, which supports the ghouls weight. Several chains also wrap around this terrors limbs and torso, further securing it to the wooden cross that once supported this creatures position. Its hands are skeletal, and its head is that of a jack-o-lantern, hence its name. Straw hair grows out of a gap in the pumpkins top, while the jack-o-lanterns grin and glowing eyes are twisted into a maliciously eager smile. This incredibly detailed black t-shirt is made from heavyweight 100 percent cotton and is extremely comfortable to wear. It features a 2 needle stitched neck and taped shoulders, which ensures the strength of the garment. Great for everyday wear, this shirt features exceptional color and quality that will last for years to come. If you are looking for a great, eye-catching shirt that you can wear on a daily basis or give as a fantastic gift, then look no farther than the Scare O Lantern T-Shirt. Also, as you can no doubt imagine, the Scare O Lantern T-Shirt also makes a great t-shirt to wear come the month of October, when All Hallows Night draws near.

Key Features:

  • Great for Everyday Wear
  • Made of 100 percent 5.6 oz. Cotton
  • 2 Needle Stitched Neck
  • Taped Shoulders for Strength and Comfort
  • Machine Washable
  • Exceptional Color and Years of Wear
  • A Great Gift Idea


  • Small: Fits 37 Inch Chest, 23 Inch Length
  • Medium: Fits 39 Inch Chest, 23 Inch Length
  • Large: Fits 44 Inch Chest, 24.5 Inch Length
  • X-Large: Fits 47 Inch Chest, 26.5 Inch Length
  • XX-Large: Fits 51 Inch Chest, 26.5 Inch Length


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