Scalped Skull Vinyl Mask

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The undead usually hate the living. Some, though, only want to return to life. This Scalped Skull Vinyl Mask will transform you into one such member of the living dead, while still delivering on that great horror twist you so desire. Grisly and grim, this skull has a dark, decayed look to it, with grey-black coloration and tribal blue painting across the hollow eyes. Secured via simulated barbed wire wrapping across the crown of the skull is a scalp, partially decayed and discolored, with a stumpy mohawk still showing. The mask covers the whole head when worn. Primal and frightening, this Scalped Skull Vinyl Mask offers a non-traditional twist to the skull look, one that is sure to scare the life right out of all who see it!

Key Features:

  • A skull mask with a scary accent
  • Has a dark, decayed look with tribal blue paint
  • Capped with a decayed scalp and a mohawk
  • Covers the whole head when worn
  • A great costume mask for Halloween, theater, and more


  • Made from vinyl


  • One size fits most


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