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Changes to the landscapes of our imagination can have ongoing effects to our lives. Do your part with our Save the Unicorns Magnet and help a long-lasting staple of mythical creatures survive and flourish like they were meant to. Complete with an iconic image of a unicorns muzzle to shoulder, and utilizing a saying implemented for a variety of humanitarian subjects, this magnet will help keep these creatures alive. Beautiful pastel colors accent a chunky solid magnet design. The colorful letters weave into the picture and the white frame and helps make the statement pop off of the magnet and into the world around you. Great for your fridge, or your favorite magnettic surfaces, this decoration is the perfect gift idea for the mythical activists in your life.

Key Features:

  • Features a depiction of a unicorn from muzzle to shoulder
  • Has unique lettering of the words, Save The Unicorns
  • Beautiful pastels blending a variety of colors
  • Chunky and solid magnet design
  • Great gift idea for fans of mythical creatures


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