Satin Steampunk Gathered Skirt

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Whether you wish to jump back in time or make your way in a steampunk world, wear the Satin Steampunk Gathered Skirt and you will fit perfectly in. This gorgeous brown skirt comes in multiple sizes. It has a dark brown leather belt connected to a brown satin skirt. The gathered skirt has two straps lifting the front, in a style similar to a bustle skirt. These straps connect to the belt with a couple of D-rings. Thbe belt has a buckle on the side for adjustment. In the center, the belt has two pairs of grommets with a chain between them. There is a pouch on the left side. This Satin Steampunk Gathered Skirt looks great as a part of a variety of Neo-Victorian and steampunk outfits.

Key Features:

  • Two straps in front
  • Unique belt design
  • Pouch detail
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Great for Neo-Victorian and steampunk outfits


  • Made from satin


Measurements coming soon.


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