Sand Dune Dragon Statue

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Dragons, being cold-blooded beasts, love basking in the sun. What better place to do that than on the hot sand in a desert or on a beach? The Sand Dune Dragon Statue portrays a wyrm in one such environment, relishing in the heat. This polystone statue, based on the artwork of Andrew Bill, depicts a large, colorful dragon perched atop a sand dune. Its green and purple scales glint in the sun, and its large orange wings are spread out, keeping its body balanced. Its heavy paws make indentions on its perch, adding to the realistic appearance of the statue. The Sand Dune Dragon Statue makes a fantastic addition to any collection and serves as an excellent piece of home decor.

Key Features:

  • Based on the artwork of Andrew Bill
  • Crafted in lifelike detail
  • Painted in vivid color
  • Makes a great addition to any dragon collection


  • Made from polystone


  • Height: 7.5 Inches


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