Samurai Swordsman Statue


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During feudal times, the legendary samurai were feared and respected all across the nation of Japan, and for good reason. Their skill was immeasurable and their ferocity unparalleled, as displayed by the Samurai Swordsman Statue. This bronze statue depicts a samurai warrior with his katana raised above his head, preparing for a helmet-shattering downstroke. His colorful armor is primarily blue and gold, with accents of reds and purples, and his face is contorted in a shout of sheer fury. Scattered pieces of armor, weaponry, and a broken flag cover the ground at his feet, indicating that the battle in which he is fighting has been long and bloody. The Samurai Swordsman Statue makes a fantastic piece of home decor for any lover of Japanese culture and history, especially those enamored with this Japanese warrior caste.

Key Features:

  • Features a beautiful polished bronze finish
  • Hand-painted with colorful accents
  • Crafted in realistic detail
  • Looks great on a shelf or pedestal


  • Crafted from cold cast bronze


  • Height: 9.5 Inches


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