Sakura Pearl Katana

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Sakura blossoms wilt and fade after only a brief appearance in the spring, but the elegance of the Sakura Pearl Katana will remain. Celebrate life and natural beauty by adding this ornate katana to your collection. The fullered blade is made from 7mm thick high carbon steel. The tsuka (handle) is covered with real ray skin and wrapped in black cord. The maroon lacquered wood saya (scabbard) is inlaid with a mother of pearl sakura design. The tsuba (guard) and kashira (pommel) are cast bronze with bamboo designs. A satin carry bag and a cleaning kit are included to keep this ornamental sword in top condition.

Key Features:

  • Fully functional
  • High carbon steel fullered blade is 7mm thick
  • Real ray skin tsuka wrapped in black cord
  • Maroon lacquer saya inlaid with mother of pearl sakura
  • Includes sword bag and cleaning kit
Overall LengthBlade Length
One Size40.9 inches28.7 inches


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