Runic Ram Pentacle Necklace


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Much in the world carries unique symbolism, and in the world of pagan belief and wicca, even animals possess their own power. This Runic Ram Pentacle Necklace infuses animal spirit with the power of the pentacle to create something truly incredible. The horned god appears in this pendant as Ares, revered for his prowess in war and his energy. The ram skull sits center on this pendant, hovering just over a pentagram that is inscribed into carved with runes and glyphs of greater meaning and power. The pendant itself is crafted entirely from fine sterling silver, and it comes complete with a hallmarked jewelry box, as well as a black cord for easy wearing. Stern and powerful, this Runic Ram Pentacle Necklace puts forward a bold design, one that echoes the power of mysticism, as well as a unique look that will no doubt lead others to admire and question the pendants deeper meaning.

Key Features:

  • Crafted in Fine Sterling Silver
  • Inspired by the Symbols and Sigils of Classic Witchcraft and Mysticism
  • Depicts a Runed Ring Containing a Ram Skull and a Pentagram
  • Possesses an Impressive Level of Detailing
  • Includes a Jewelry Box and a Black Cord Necklace


  • Pendant Diameter: 1.125 Inches


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