Runic Highland Sword Necklace

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There is no better way to feel the courage and strength of the fierce Highlanders than to carry one of their swords, and with this Runic Highland Sword Necklace, you can do so with ease, allowing you to discreetly carry a ceremonial blade with ease. This impressive little pendant recreates the classic form of a Highland broadsword in miniature, allowing any owner to carry a sword with them at all times. The sword pendants hilt is wrapped up with Celtic knots and capped with a cross pattern, while the blade is inscribed with old Runes that run one-third the way down its classic blade. The pendant is crafted entirely from fine, lead free pewter metal, and it shows off a dark, burnished finish. Included with the pendant is a black hanging thong necklace, for easy wearing. It is a warriors accent for the modern-day fighter, and this Runic Highland Sword Necklace serves well the warrior never leaves his abode without it fastened securely around their neck.

Key Features:

  • An Elegant Piece of Jewelry with Celtic Style
  • Depicts a Traditional Warriors Broadsword in Miniature
  • Decorated with Celtic Knots and Old Rune Inscriptions
  • Crafted Entirely from Fine, Lead Free Pewter Metal
  • Comes with a Black Hanging Thong Necklace


  • Pendant Length: 2.5 Inches
  • Pendant Width: 0.75 Inch


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