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It does not matter if you were wearing a single dress or a variety of pieces, as this Ruffled Neck Ladies Blouse is a top that any outfit can stand to benefit from! It has a versatile and lovely look that goes well with any style. The blouse is made entirely from viscose fabric, which is a light-weight, soft, and airy fabric that confers much of its soft feel into the blouse, ensuring that it is light and comfortable to wear. The blouse itself is quite versatile, serving well in a variety of roles, ranging from contemporary wear to costume piece with equal ease! The blouse features loose-fitting sleeves and an elasticated neckline that is accented with touches of ruffled decoration. This allows the blouse to be worn about the neck, off the shoulder, and about the shoulders, all with equal ease. It is offered in one standard size, although it does come in three different colors, for you to pick from to suit your need and taste. Paired with some jeans, this Ladies Ruffled Blouse will serve well as an eccentric contemporary piece for summer-wear. Paired with a historic skirt, a dress, or a bodice, though, and it will become a solid part of your costume-wear for fairs, festivals, and reenactments, and, sometimes, it will do both, all in the course of one day!

Key Features:

  • A Womens Blouse Made from Viscose Fabric
  • Features an Elastic Neckline with Ruffled Accents
  • Very Versatile – Looks Good with Almost Any Look
  • Extremely Comfortable to Wear
  • Perfect for Both Costuming and Casual Wear

Bust Waist Shoulder to Shoulder Overall Length Sleeve Length
One Size 37.5 inches 38.5 inches 25 inches 21.75 inches 14 inches


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