Royal Renaissance Dress



The Royal Renaissance Dress is a very aptly named dress, with its elegant coloring combined with a number of tasteful decorations symbolic of royalty, this dress projects an heir of majesty and royalty no matter what lady finds herself wearing it. This elaborate dress is made entirely from fine brocade fabric, it displays several tastefully chosen colors which mesh very well together. The dress is primarily a pristine white in color, accented by a number of vertical lines colored maroon, red, and gold. These lines help to accent the bodice of the dress, as well as feature numerous decorations of their own, including gold-colored fleur-de-lis and scepter designs. The breast of the dress features subtle pearl decorations, as well as rhinestone accents. The shoulders of the dress are rounded and flared up and out, while the sleeves have an outer covering that echoes the design of the body of the dress, the interior sleeve is fitted to the arm. The Royal Renaissance Dress is pictured above, worn with a petticoat underneath, in order to give the dress a more pronounced shape, if this pronounced shape is desired than a petticoat or hoop-skirt can be purchased separately, as the dress does not include one. The dress can also be worn without either a petticoat or a hoop-skirt. Inspired by luxurious Renaissance style, the Royal Renaissance Dress is the perfect thing for any woman to wear when she wants to convey a regal, rich, and queenly look to all those she surveys.

Key Features:

  • Made from High Quality Brocade Fabric
  • Features Elegant Rhinestone and Pearl Decorations
  • Great for Medieval Reenactments, Renaissance Fairs, and Medieval-Themed Weddings
  • Modeled after Medieval and Renaissance-Era Clothing


  • Small: 33-35 Inch Bust, 26-28 Inch Waist, 41 Inch Skirt Length, 14 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Medium: 36-38 Inch Bust, 29-31 Inch Waist, 42 Inch Skirt Length, 16 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Large: 39-41 Inch Bust, 32-34 Inch Waist, 43 Inch Skirt Length, 17 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • X-Large: 42-44 Inch Bust, 35-37 Inch Waist, 44 Inch Skirt Length, 18 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • XX-Large: 46-48 Inch Bust, 39-41 Inch Waist, 45 Inch Skirt Length, 19 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder
  • XXX-Large: 50-53 Inch Bust, 44-46 Inch Waist, 46 Inch Skirt Length, 20.5 Inch Shoulder to Shoulder


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