Royal Cavalry Cuirass


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If you are looking for a cuirass with some style to add to your warriors ensemble, make sure to check out the Royal Cavalry Cuirass. Made from 20 gauge, this Napoleonic style cuirass comes in one size. It secures onto the body with a white leather strap that wraps around the front of the waist. This strap has multiple holes which adjust the size.

The breastplate and backplate also connect at the shoulders. The ornate shoulder straps have two holes at the ends. On the breastplate, there are two pegs, one for each shoulder. The peg slides into a slot on the hole in the shoulder strap. The wearer can choose which hole they would like to use. It helps to slightly adjust the fit in addition to the waist strap. Also, the shoulder straps feature multiple, scalloped brass plates. The plates end before a section which has the holes mentioned previously. Engraved leaf designs adorn the section on each strap.

Next, the breastplate has a central ridge and a fauld at the bottom. Large brass accents adorn the fauld as well as the sides and neckline of the breastplate. The backplate has the round, stud-like accents as well. On the inside, the Royal Cavalry Cuirass has a blackened finish to help protect against rust. This cuirass is wonderful for a LARP event, cosplay convention, or stage production.

Key Features:

  • Comes in one size
  • Secures with straps
  • Has a breastplate and backplate
  • Features ornate detailing
  • Great for cosplay events and stage productions


  • Made from 20 gauge steel

Care Instructions:

  • Keep away from water. Clean with a metal polish and re-oil occasionally to properly maintain the armour. Use Leather care products for the fittings.


  • Overall Length: 18 Inches
  • Chest Circumference: 40-41 Inches
  • Weight: 9 Pounds 1.5 Ounces

Circumference is taken with the plates directly next to each other. Additional inches may be added with a gap at the sides.

Measurements are approximate.


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