Royal Arms of England Lionheart Shield


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Due to his reputation as a great military leader and warrior, King Richard I was known as Richard the Lionheart. This Royal Arms of England Lionheart Shield is a fantastic way to show your interest in this famous English king. Modeled after classic heater shields popular with warriors during the later Middle Ages, this stainless steel shield features a triangular shape with decorative brass appointments on the corners and edges. In the center of the shield is the famous Royal Arms of England, depicting a stacked trio of passant guardant lions. This shield can be hung using the chain on the back. People will be in awe when they see this beautiful shield, whether you are wearing it at your side as a costume accent, or have it hanging in your home as a decor piece.

Key Features:

  • Modeled after classic medieval heater shields
  • Features Richard the Lionhearts coat of arms in gold at the center
  • Brass appointments decorate the edges
  • Chain on back of shield for wall hanging
  • A great shield for displaying in the home


  • Made of stainless steel


  • Height: 28 Inches
  • Width: 18 Inches


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