Roundhead Helmet Pencil Topper

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This intriguing little pencil topper is named after the soldiers who wore these helmets during the English Civil War. The Roundhead Helmet Pencil Topper also comes complete with a black pencil that features the printed signatures along its length. The title roundhead was not adopted by choice, but rather was given to the Parliamentarians enemies, the Royalists, whom they began calling cavaliers. The pencil topper is reminiscent of earlier era helmets, featuring a rounded top, a long back, and cheek protectors, as well as a long visor for protecting the face and forehead. It has been miniaturized and placed on the end of a black pencil, which features the signatures of King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell, two driving forces in the English Civil War. If you are in the market for a nice little decoration to put on the cap or end of your writing utensil, then you have just found what you need in this Roundhead Helmet Pencil Topper.

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Lead-Free Pewter
  • Modeled After a Typical English Parliamentarian Helmet
  • Includes a Black Pencil
  • Fits on Most Traditional Wood Pencils
  • A Great Gift or Personal Accessory


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