Round Viking Dragon Wooden Shield


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This original shield was inspired by the shields historically used by the Viking people. The Round Viking Dragon Wooden Shield is a simple yet appealing shield that would look just as great hung on a wall as it would in a warriors capable hands. This shield features an attractive double-headed dragon design that wraps around the shields center against an airbrushed sunburst background in yellow and orange. The dragon design is black and depicts a long, neck-like structure that connects two vicious, roaring dragon heads. Their necks both feature elaborate fins while their combined belly is lined and smooth. This shield also features a black border that is decorated and reinforced by stainless steel studs. The shield measures approximately 25 inches in diameter, which is large enough that when worn, the shield covers the arm up to and beyond the elbow. You can basically rest assured that when used in a combative situation, this shield is large enough to provide more than adequate protection. The shield is made from 0.5 inch thick smooth composite wood, which offers considerably more strength and durability then traditional plywood. The back of the shield features a pair of leather straps which are used to secure the arm along the back of the shield during use. One strap goes over and around the forearm, while the other is intended to be gripped and held by the hand. Several coats of varnish have been applied as a topcoat to the painted surface of the shield as well, in order to help protect it throughout the years. Time and experience will tell you that the Round Viking Dragon Wooden Shield is a well-balanced shield that is as deserving of a place on your wall as it is a place by your side in battle.

Key Features:

  • Includes Straps
  • Historically Accurate Shield Shape
  • Great For Theatrical Productions and SCA Reenactments
  • Hand-painted Design


  • Solid Wood Construction from Smooth Composite Wood
  • Bordered with Stainless Steel Studs


  • Shield Diameter: 25 Inches
  • Shield Thickness: 0.5 Inch


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