Round Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon



In the heat of battle, as the enemy forces close in, wearing the right chainmail can make the difference between victory and defeat. Protect yourself with the Round Riveted Chainmail Haubergeon, made of 18 gauge steel. Woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern, this three-quarter sleeve chainmail tunic is made of 8 millimeter diameter rings that have been riveted together for higher durability. A 4-in-1 pattern consists of four chainmail rings woven through another ring. This medieval chainmail haubergon comes in a variety of sizes, making it a fantastic piece of steel armour to add to a knightly, Viking, or fantasy outfit.

Key Features:

  • Made of 8 mm diameter metal rings
  • Woven in a traditional 4-in-1 pattern
  • Rings are riveted for extra strength
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Perfect for light reenactment, LARP, or costume use


  • Made from 18 gauge steel


  • Medium: Length: 31 Inches, Chest: Up to 45 Inches, Sleeve Length: 12.5 Inches, Weight: 18 lbs.
  • Large: Length: 36 Inches, Chest: Up to 52 Inches, Sleeve Length: 13 Inches, Weight: 22 lbs.
  • X-Large: Length: 37.5 Inches, Chest: Up to 54 Inches, Sleeve Length: 14 Inches, Weight: 23.5 lbs.
  • XX-Large: Length: 37 Inches, Chest: Up to 61 Inches, Sleeve Length: 12 Inches, Weight: 28.1 lbs.

Care Instructions:

  • Occasional oiling is necessary for the proper maintenance of this armour. When storing this armour, protect it from oxidation by coating it with machine oil.


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