Round Medieval Feasting Knife


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In some instances, very little has changed from medieval times to the modern day. This Round Medieval Feasting Knife is one such piece that looks very much like a modern-day dinner knife, but with a forged and antiqued look fit for the medieval table. This impressive knife is crafted entirely in carbon steel and it features a curved blade with a flat, straight spine. The combination is a winning one, as it allows plenty of force for cutting even the toughest of meats and foods, while also featuring a fine point for all the skewering that needs to be done at a dinner table! The tang doubles over as the knifes handle, and is broadened slightly and given a round shape to ensure the most comfortable grip possible. The knife measures approximately 8 inches long, making it perfectly sized for easy carrying and easy use at the feasting table. If you are going medieval, you might as well go all the way, and that means enjoying your next meal in true medieval fashion – by eating it with the aid of this Round Medieval Feasting Knife!

Key Features:

  • Crafted Entirely in Carbon Steel
  • A Classic Medieval Feasting Utensil
  • Features a Broad Blade and a Fine Point
  • Broad Tang Serves as the Knife Handle
  • A Great Collectible and a Fine Medieval Feasting Utensil


  • Length: 8 Inches


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