Roseus Pentagram Necklace


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The pentagram possesses a rich symbolism in magic and folklore, representing the five senses, the five elements, and other concepts. The Roseus Pentagram Necklace combines this symbol with the image of the dual roses of wisdom. The roses rest along the edge of the pentacle near where it hangs from a chain. The pentagram design features black enamel that emphasizes the design of the five-pointed star. Crafted by hand in the finest English pewter, this gothic pendant possesses a brilliant gleam that makes it a stunning gothic accessory to add to any ensemble. Whether you believe in the significance of the pentagram or simply admire the design of this piece, this pentacle pendant is sure to become a favorite!

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted from pewter
  • Comes on a nickel-free chain
  • Displays a pentacle with roses
  • Goes great with gothic ensembles
  • Makes a fantastic gift or personal accessory


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