Roman Gladius Letter Opener


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A great way to include a touch of true medieval or historical style into your everyday life is to fill your life with novel little touches. And one such great touch is this Roman Gladius Letter Opener, which is perfect for display and for opening letters. This impressive little letter opener is crafted entirely from cast metal and features a truly realistic look, in spite of its exceptionally small size. The letter opener features a traditional, wasp-waisted blade that serves well when it comes to dispatching letters, as well as a decorative brass finished hilt that features an orb pommel and a ribbed grip. The letter opener has an overall length of 11 inches. Now, thanks to this Roman Gladius Letter Opener, you can dispatch your correspondence with the same fervor and zeal that a Roman centurion would have dispatched his foes!

Key Features:

  • Crafted from Cast Metal
  • Modeled After the Roman Gladius Sword
  • A Great, Functional Letter Opener
  • Also an Attractive Miniature Display Piece
  • Makes for a Great Office Accessory or Gift Idea


  • Length: 11 Inch


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